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Skoda Head & Back Emblem With Strong Sticker– 88/84mm.


Skoda Head/ Back Emblem


Product Description

Skoda Head & Back Emblem With Strong Sticker– 88/84mm.

Product description:
Brand new strong self sticker with plastic package.

High-quality waterproof Head & back Emblem.

Very reliable glue that keeps them very hard on the car burnet.

You can easily replace a new one by yourself.

This size can fit the front side or as head emblem.

Do not stick on and remove more than twice, to avoid destroying the adhesive power

Think of cleaning the place after removing the old one or before replacing.

Clean the surface properly before you place on the adhesive side.

The replacement must take place on dry time of the day, not during dew or raining time.

Size: Head 88mm & Back 84mm.
Material: Plastic
Suitable as head emblem
1 pc / pack.

Mer information

Vikt 65 g
Dimensioner 8.8 x 8.8 x 1.0 cm

88mm Head, 84mm Back


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